Lara gets it: she gets fun, she gets people and she gets the perfect picture. And everyone gets her.

PUBLISHED: Tatler, Summer 2017

Lara gets it: she gets fun, she gets people and she gets the perfect picture. And everyone gets her.

Tatler Wedding Guide 2017

People love Lara, and her camera loves them. She's efficient, prompt and has a wedding smile/editing suite.

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Wedding Photography is a fine art and Lara is queen of this castle. Her discretion, great sense of fun, appreciation of people (very important) and the overall sense of calm that ensues (even more important) mean that couples receive exactly what they've been hoping for - and more.

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Wow Lara - you are BRILLIANT!!! We’re absolutely thrilled with the photos - I love them all and just couldn’t be more delighted. You captured the spirit of the whole thing and made everyone look great. There are so many fun ones, all the friends are in there (and the canapés that I missed!), so many lovely moments and I’m so happy to have them all. We were so lucky to have you with us - the in-laws came to stay this weekend and they said your photos were the best wedding photos they’d ever seen!!

Cecilia, Mother of the Bride

Thank you a thousand times for the completely wonderful photographs – they are just PERFECT. Huge huge thanks for being so completely lovely on the wedding day as well as producing these sensational photographs and thus glorious memories of the whole day. You were the most professional photographer and such wonderful company – we loved your energy and warmth - and I just want to shout your name from the rooftops!

Gilly, Mother of the Bride

Thank you so much!!! I have been sitting here with tears running down my cheeks looking at all the amazing photos you captured on our special day. They are amazing and we could not asked for a more professional and lovely photographer. You just fitted in, made us feel completely at ease and were a delight to have around.


Lara these are BRILLIANT!!! Better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you SO, SO much, you’re so clever and everyone looks just so happy. They are exactly what we wanted, thank you again and again.


Firstly OH MY GOD!!! WOWEEE 🙂 They are amazing amazing amazing! I don’t know where to start. You have done us proud, so proud and we couldn’t be happier. You and Bizzy were an absolute dream team - everyone thought you were brilliant, getting everywhere but no one noticing and being relentlessly energetic and enthusiastic. We cannot thank you enough.... just WOW! They are all absolutely beautiful and completely encapsulate the laughter and fun of the day. We just couldn’t be more thrilled.


Georgie and I have had the most wonderful session looking at the gallery photos of her wedding! We have been blown away by your photos! They have captured the romance and fun of the day and will be treasured by all of us. I remember telling you a year ago that Georgie had asked how all your photos made every wedding look the happiest and most amazing day, and telling her it was YOU who made the day come to life in your photos. You've done it again!


WOW! What we can we say? We absolutely love the photos, they are amazing. You have captured absolutely everything so beautifully and we sat down last night and spent hours looking at them, reminiscing all the special memories. We cannot wait to share them with friends and family and to get them printed and framed in our home.


Thanks so much for being a total SUPERSTAR on our wedding day. You & Biz were so great & relaxed, and somehow managed to cut through the chaos and get everyone to do what they were meant to do, which was an amazing feat. You are not only incredibly professional and brilliant at what you do but you are also the most gorgeous personality and it was an absolute joy working with you. I can’t thank you enough.


Hi Lara, You are quite brilliant! What an incredibly detailed capture of practically every moment of Hester and Alex's wedding. There are so, SO many terrific pictures of joy, laughter and love in every single shot throughout the day. Whenever I spoke to you, you seemed to be unflustered and enjoying the party yourself and your product is faultless, focused crisp and a real treat to have been part of. Simply Beautiful - they were lucky to have you on board. What a day and a huge well done to you.

Ellie Walpole

Your skill is infinite - how you manage to get so many amazing photos of my husband and son in particular (who scowl for anyone else!) and indeed of the whole team and friends, is beyond me. It is a sort of magic you invoke with your wonderful personality which makes everyone relax and smile. Thank you so much for the wonderful pics you took on that hot day down here and I look forward to having them around me as memories of a happy day!


I’ve just spend a very happy hour looking through your wonderful photographs from Nick’s Adventure on the Nile. They really are absolutely outstanding; you’ve captured the happiness, the fun, the essence of each night, the friendships and the generational interaction. Not only have you captured the whole trip so cleverly but the quality of the photographs is just breath taking. I am blown away by your skill and your eye for detail.


Oh my goodness I just burst into tears looking through your utterly GORGEOUS photos!!! You have captured some incredibly special moments, particularly of my family, and knowing that I have these to look back on for years and years has made me happier than I can put into words. Honestly, I’m sitting here weeping! I cannot thank you enough, Lara. The photos are simply perfect. I can not wait to have another party just to have an excuse to have you back again!


These are fabulous! You are wonderful and your presence adds great distinction to any evening - a bit like - if Nicky Haslam is there, you can be sure it is the best party of the night!

Hugo Vickers

In my eyes Lara just gets it, her photography skills are second to none and not only that her positive, happy energy along with a constant smile at events is just what we all need!


I am OBSESSED. They are so glorious! I’ve smiled and laughed and cried, and just can’t thank you enough for capturing so many wonderful moments!


They are so gorgeous and really capture the children's individual personalities as well as the dynamic of our family as a whole! We all so enjoyed our time with you.


Lara! We had such a lovely evening last night going through each and every photo VERY slowly and oooohing and ahhhhing and purring! Your ears should have been burning! Absolutely beautiful and such a truly happy record. I think soon you will be truly famous!


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