Life through a lens

‘Society spectaculars, stolen kisses and that perfect party shot. Tatler’s photographic aces report on four decades of Bystander revelry - and on how they’ve had just as much of a ball as their celebrated subjects’ ‘I started shooting parties for Tatler in 2015 after I was approached by Tibbs Jenkins,…
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Tatler Wedding Guide 2019

Wedding Photography is a fine art and Lara is queen of this castle. Her discretion, great sense of fun, appreciation of people (very important) and the overall sense of calm that ensues (even more important) mean that couples receive exactly what they've been hoping for - and more. - Tatler…
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Tatler Wedding Guide 2018

People love Lara, and her camera loves them. She's efficient, prompt and has a wedding smile/editing suite. PUBLISHED: Tatler, Summer 2018 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM
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Tatler Wedding Guide 2017

Lara gets it: she gets fun, she gets people and she gets the perfect picture. And everyone gets her. PUBLISHED: Tatler, Summer 2017 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM
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